Welcome to our Mother’s Day Gift Guide! For this year, we decided to share some of our favorite gifts from both our collections and our favorite brands. Let’s get started with the classic mom. While shopping at our neighbor Annie-Em’s at Home, here in downtown Cape Girardeau, this gorgeous book caught… View Post

Over the last 4 years, we’ve been extraordinarily lucky to have so many amazing (and accomplished) women supporting Sloan+Themis. When running a small business, as any business owner can tell you, we’re always finding out little things about our customers, which tend to be quite universal. For our customers, we found that… View Post

Sometimes you need a little something extra in your wardrobe. Something that no one else has that really stops the show.  Vintage clothing can provide that je ne sais quoi. Also, it’s kind of exciting to mix different eras of clothing.  For our own ad campaigns, we’ve partnered with our friends… View Post

A Modern Gal is more than Extraordinary in the case of Emilie Stephens – she not only shimmers in today’s world with pride and elegance, she owns it! ​Q:Who is Emilie Stephens? What is at the heart of your spirit – and life experience – that makes you an individual? What… View Post